Wrongful Death
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A young woman of 23 is killed in Missouri. She is targeted for murder due to a life insurance policy being issued incorrectly.  This young woman, Clara Sanders, was a beloved mother and daughter at the time of her death.  Her only child, a son, is three.

Trixie McHamm hired her former son-in-law to shoot and kill Clara so that Trixie, the named beneficiary of Clara’s brand new life insurance policy, would get enough money from the policy proceeds to completely redo her body.

Trixie and the shooter, an Arkansas felon named Dave Offen, are arrested and later tried in a Missouri court.  Dave makes a plea bargain to save his life and Trixie is then found guilty of first degree murder.  At the close of her criminal trial, the fact that Clara’s live-in boyfriend, Joe, who is Trixie’s son and also the baby three year old’s father, had been told about the killing plans, comes out.  Joe is also arrested and tried.

Following the criminal trial of Trixie McHamm, a civil trial takes place with help from an expert witness from Oklahoma and an aggressive Missouri attorney.  The insurance company’s history in issuing policies wrongfully, such as was done in this case, is researched and ultimately displayed for all to see.  A hard fought trial occurs and a stunning verdict results from this trial. 


Grady Clinton, a decorated Vietnam veteran, is involved in a fatality truck wreck in a small Oklahoma town.  He is the driver of his cousin’s new pickup and is arrested and charged with vehicular homicide and second degree murder.

The pickup’s insurance company refuses to defend him in the upcoming trial.  An attorney from Tulsa is assigned to defend Grady by a county judge and then this at first skeptical lawyer goes above and beyond his call and duty.  A huge insurance mistake is made and an expert witness gets hired and enters the lawsuit offering stunning assistance.

The veteran has a psychological impairment together with a bad habit due to his two terrorizing service terms in Southeast Asia.  Reflections on his Armed Service dealings are shown throughout the story and will explain what happened to this serviceman.

The story’s end will jerk the reader from a position of disgust to utter worship for Grady Clinton, the denied veteran.

Read Death Claim Excerpts

Read Death Claim Excerpts


A large California insurance company re-domesticates to Oklahoma moving into a seemingly perfect community and financial situation for the company and its beautiful CEO, Ms. Grace McCullen.  The smart and sensual executive finds the handsome young male State Insurance Commissioner to be a very  important friend.
A former employee is assigned to work again with the Oklahoma Insurance Department’s staff in reviewing certain records of the recently moved insurer; records that the Department isn’t happy with and records that the Company is not happy showing.

Trouble gets stirred up by the media and the insurance company is shocked at the treatment they receive.  A meeting is held between the regulators and the insurance company and an attempt to kill the State employees is made,  not a total success, and made by an unknown killer.
In the meantime, a parallel story takes place.  The former employee, a bachelor and a self employed and thriving expert witness, along with his best friend, join a popular dating site with each trying to find their own Miss Right. 

The results of the story should be a total surprise and remain pleasing at the same time to the readers.



A lady living in Miami, Florida, dies due to a burst appendix.  The cause of death has an acute onset and no pre-existence.  However, Adali Alliente, dies while in Honduras and her life policy’s benefits are denied by an insurance company.  A lawsuit is filed and during the claim investigation, her mysterious history with her best friend’s past, along with another bizarre mystery, all surface.

The story progresses as the back and forth lawsuit outcome arrives and the previously concealed background of her ‘best friend’ gets solved.  An expert witness from out of state works for a Florida attorney in trying to correct what they believe is a horrible error by the company.  They unravel many company practices that caused the material misrepresentation denial to be made.  And Adali Alliente indeed has a huge surprise for all at the story’s end.

Read Death Claim Excerpts

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